The Benefits of Pilates Classes

17 January 2024
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Are you looking for a great exercise that can improve your flexibility, strength and overall well-being? Then you might want to try a Pilates class. Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise and is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture. Additionally, Pilates can also have a positive impact on your mental well-being as it can help relieve stress and boost your mood. In this blog post, you will explore the many benefits of Pilates classes.
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Why You Should Consider Taking Dance Classes For Exercise This Summer

3 November 2022
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When it comes to activities and forms of exercise that many Australians consider participating in during summer, you will get the standard answers of netball, cricket, soccer and even things like martial arts before you hear dance. Many people don't even think of dance as that energetic or good for exercise before they try it out once and realize their big mistake. If you are trying to come up with a new form of exercise that has many other benefits this summer, then here are a few reasons why you have to at least consider taking up dance classes.
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The Health Benefits That Tango Provides the Elderly

12 September 2018
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When most people envision exercise, dancing is not one of the first activities that pop in their mind. This line of thinking can be attributed to the fact that dancing is a fun past time rather than dreary exercise. Nonetheless, dance is a great way to engage in physical activity. If you are a senior and are looking for ways to keep active without having to participate in tiresome activities, then Tango classes are something to consider.
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How Ballroom Dance Can Save Your Marriage

25 April 2018
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Ballroom dance is a popular hobby among all age groups, and it has received a bit of a boost in recent years thanks in part to TV shows and movies featuring it. People, young and old, take ballroom dance lessons, and it's even common among single people wanting to expand their social circle. But, ballroom dance can be especially useful for couples. It's no secret that marriage isn't easy, and difficulties can build up over time with neither partner knowing how to tackle them.
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Joining a Ballet Class? Keep These Tips in Mind

3 January 2018
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Whether you are trying to engage in an activity so you can be less sedentary or are already a fitness buff and are simply looking for a change for the new year, signing up for ballet classes would be a great idea! However, joining a ballet class is not just about signing up at your preferred dance studio and walking in for the first lesson. There are a few things to have in mind to make sure that you fit in seamlessly, you are comfortable during the dance class and that you do not offend your fellow dance mates.
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When I was a kid, I was very shy. I would do anything I could to avoid having to interact with other people. This continued into adulthood and it really began to affect my life. It was then that I was introduced to the performing arts. My mother bought me tickets to a performing arts class. At first, the idea of getting up on a stage and performing filled me with dread. However, the class was really fun and the instructor was friendly. Before I knew it, I was dancing, singing and acting on stage. It was wonderful and it has really helped to boost my confidence.