Joining a Ballet Class? Keep These Tips in Mind

Joining a Ballet Class? Keep These Tips in Mind

Joining a Ballet Class? Keep These Tips in Mind

3 January 2018
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Whether you are trying to engage in an activity so you can be less sedentary or are already a fitness buff and are simply looking for a change for the new year, signing up for ballet classes would be a great idea! However, joining a ballet class is not just about signing up at your preferred dance studio and walking in for the first lesson. There are a few things to have in mind to make sure that you fit in seamlessly, you are comfortable during the dance class and that you do not offend your fellow dance mates. Read on for some of the tips that would help you ease into your first ballet lesson.

Tip 1: Buy the right workout wear

You may not be taking your ballet classes to be a prima donna, but this does not mean you should workout in sweats and a t-shirt. When working with the barre, you need to be able to feel and watch your body's movements so that you can adjust your positions and techniques accordingly. Wearing oversized clothes could make this challenging for you while overly tight garments could make every lift and pliƩ even harder than it needs to be. Instead, invest in some form-fitting wear that stretches so that you can move your body while also giving the instructor a chance to monitor your body's extensions.

Tip 2: Invest in the right footwear

People who are taking ballet classes as part of their workout will probably not be interested in wearing ballet shoes. However, since ballet studios tend to have either hardwood floors or low pile carpeting, it is unlikely that your instructor will allow you to participate in sneakers. Instead, you should purchase some comfortable socks that would be able to provide you with some cushioning when doing your jumps and lifts. Non-slip socks that have some traction on the sole would be your best bet for this as they would minimise the risk of slipping and sliding while you manoeuvre your way through the ballet moves.

Tip 3: Be mindful of others

Ballet classes tend to be more formal than other dance classes. Moreover, they would need extreme attentiveness, mainly as a beginner. Do not bring items to the class that would distract both you and your fellow dancers. For example, make sure you switch off your phone before the class begins. Also, do not bring any chewing gum, as you would have to interrupt the class to throw it away. 

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