The Health Benefits That Tango Provides the Elderly

The Health Benefits That Tango Provides the Elderly

The Health Benefits That Tango Provides the Elderly

12 September 2018
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When most people envision exercise, dancing is not one of the first activities that pop in their mind. This line of thinking can be attributed to the fact that dancing is a fun past time rather than dreary exercise. Nonetheless, dance is a great way to engage in physical activity. If you are a senior and are looking for ways to keep active without having to participate in tiresome activities, then Tango classes are something to consider. Not only is it the Tango enjoyable but incorporating these classes into your schedule also pose a host of potential advantages for your wellness. Here are a few of the health benefits that Tango provides the elderly.

Tango dance classes can correct your balance

Dancing, especially the Tango comprises complex footwork. Regularly practising your dance steps and completing routines can significantly improve your balance. Sturdy balance is particularly important for seniors since their mobility becomes compromised as they get old. With enhanced balance, you also reduce your risk of slip and falls accidents that could cause bone breakage and other injuries.

Tango dance classes are an excellent mood elevator

As you age, having a busy lifestyle plus dealing with your day-to-day responsibilities can have a significant impact on your overall state of mind. It is not uncommon to find people developing insomnia as they age since they have a lot on their mind. In severe cases, you may even find you are developing emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and more. If you are searching for a natural remedy to alleviate the symptoms associated with extreme stress, then you should consider tango classes. Firstly, the high level of concentration that tango classes require will give you a reprieve from the negative emotions that may be plaguing your thoughts. Additionally, the physical workout that you get can minimise insomnia, as you will be more likely to sleep better.

Tango dance classes can help in managing Parkinson's

Tango dancing is ideal for the elderly since regular classes can assist in slowing the progression of mental diseases such as Parkinson's. Typically, the Argentinian Tango will have the man lead the dance with long steps, and the woman is expected to take her steps backward. In the case of patients who have developed Parkinson's, the instructor will have them perform both roles of the dance interchangeably. Incorporating all the movements is supposed to help in decreasing the freezing motions that Parkinson's patients are known to develop as the disease progresses.

For more information on dance classes, contact your local studio.

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