How Ballroom Dance Can Save Your Marriage

How Ballroom Dance Can Save Your Marriage

How Ballroom Dance Can Save Your Marriage

25 April 2018
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Ballroom dance is a popular hobby among all age groups, and it has received a bit of a boost in recent years thanks in part to TV shows and movies featuring it. People, young and old, take ballroom dance lessons, and it's even common among single people wanting to expand their social circle. But, ballroom dance can be especially useful for couples.

It's no secret that marriage isn't easy, and difficulties can build up over time with neither partner knowing how to tackle them. Although there are various ways you can get back to enjoying married life, including professional relationship counselling, taking ballroom classes could just be the best tool in your kit. Here's why.

Taking on a new hobby together strengthens your bond

Most people have things they enjoy doing in their spare time, but a lot of couples don't have shared hobbies. If you're struggling in your marriage, the simple act of doing something new together can change things up enough to shift the focus to something more positive.

When it's something neither of you has experience with, learning to get to grips with the new challenge promotes teamwork, something that might be lacking the rest of the time. It also gives you something to talk about, so the time between classes is improved, too.

Ballroom dancing reduces stress

Like all exercise, dancing has a stress-busting ability that makes you feel calmer and more able to tackle the world. Because it's a relatively sedate form of exercise, ballroom dance is peaceful and enjoyable, so it reduces stress particularly well.

Even if your stress originates outside of your married life, it carries over into it and makes everything more challenging. Taking steps to live stress-free is always a positive thing for your relationship.

Having fun together makes you both happier

When marriages have become difficult, it's often hard to remember fun times. By dancing together, learning a new skill and, most likely, making mistakes along the way, you'll be sharing something fun.

Having plenty of smiles and laughs as a couple will make you both feel happier in general and gives you more positive associations with your partner.

Meeting new couples expands your social possibilities

Research has shown that having other couples as friends is extremely beneficial to a marriage. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of them is simply that it gives you more opportunities for social events as a couple. It also gives you cues on how to act positively in your own marriage by watching others.

Attending a couples ballroom class is an excellent way to meet new married friends, and you'll have no excuse not to see them at least once a week.

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